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Top 5 Legal Podcasts to Listen to!

If you have found yourself with more time on your hands since being in isolation and you are looking for a way to expand your legal knowledge, skills or commercial awareness, then I definitely recommend checking out the podcasts I've listed below. I have found that during this time my work environment has become more of an independent environment and I have also been getting out on more walks than I was prior to being in isolation.

With this extra time, I found myself wanting to up-skill and learn more about my industry so I turned to podcasts, as well as online courses and webinars which I have found to be a really beneficial and a productive use of my time.

There are so many fantastic resources available for free right now with firms and legal influencers going live on Instagram or Facebook to share their experiences in the industry or answer your questions, interactive webinars with professionals in the industry, Q&A panels and the list goes on!

With all of these resources at the touch of a button, I thought I would share my top five podcasts that I have really been enjoying recently and also found helpful and inspiring for my own career and further research.

Bright Network Podcast @brightnetwork

Not only does Bright Network send out useful email updates on the industry and career advice and share careers updates and team takeovers on their instagram but they also have a podcast that shares members success stories in both the legal and business industry that I have found really inspiring and motivating during my own career research.

The Law Careers Net Podcast @lawcareersnet As well as their commercial awareness weekly updates via email, the Law Careers podcast has some fantastic information regarding how to network, how to write law firm applications, how to follow and keep up with trends in the industry and so much more. 

Legally Speaking Podcast @kissoon_carr The Legally Speaking podcast host a number of collaborations with others in the legal profession and their own journey which is really inspiring to hear that the path to success is not a straight line! They also talk about legal goals, compare different areas of practice and how employment is changing. 

Linkubator @linklatersgraduatesuk The Linklaters podcasts is more specific in terms of areas of law and any emerging changes so this one has been particularly interesting to get an insight into certain areas such as Fintech, AI, legal tech and analytics and data.

The Commercial Awareness Podcast If you struggle with reading articles and new updates and would prefer to listen rather than read then this one is for you. With bite sized information of commercial updates in the industry lasting 10-20 minutes, the information is easily digestible.

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